Yishun EC Residents Located Near Yishun MRT Station and Yishun Integrated Transport Hub

Yishun EC Residents Located Near Yishun MRT Station and Yishun Integrated Transport Hub

The residents of Yishun EC have easy access to a number of facilities: a major hospital, the Inclusive Daycare Center, the Yishun Community Health and Wellness Centre, the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub and the Yishun EC Sports and Leisure Centre. They can also access the town centre via the Central Business District or the Yishun MRT Station – these are just some of the few transport services that the residents of Yishun EC can utilize. If you’re a resident of Yishun EC, you could use this train to get to other parts of town. Yishun executive condos are located at the heart of the metropolitan area, so commuters don’t need to take very long trips from their homes to other places. But if you’re a tourist or visiting from Singapore, there’s nothing better than grabbing a coffee at a cafe situated at one of the stations of Yishun EC.

One of the major facilities offered by Yishun EC is the Yishun Bus Interchange. Located at next to Yishun EC, the bus interchange provides an ideal location for commuters to get from their residential units to the Yishun EC. The bus terminal is surrounded by stores selling local products at bargain prices, as well as a variety of restaurants and eateries that cater to foreigners and tourists.

Another service provided by Yishun EC is the Yishun Senior Care Centre. This is a long term care facility that offers residents of Yishun Town a safe and comfortable environment for them to stay in. Though the facilities are mostly free of charge, there are certain sections where residents may be charged for services such as meals, medication, help with daily activities, and other related services. This makes it a more expensive option compared to Singapore’s in-house elderly care system. But for those in need of immediate medical attention, there’s nothing like turning to Yishun seniors’ centre.

Although there are many senior care Marina Gardens Condo facilities and healthcare centres around the country, Yishun EC’s role as an integrated transport hub provides residents here with a relatively easier access to these facilities. Many elderly and physically handicapped residents may have difficulty moving from their home or other place of work due to various disabilities, and their lack of mobility may prevent them from using available facilities to avail of the necessities. However, Yishun provides transportation for such people to and from the centers.

The development of Yishun Town will mark the launch of a brand new shopping and lifestyle centre near Yishun EC. Yishun EC centre is expected to have around 200 units of flats, and retail shops. It will provide residents with a new venue to enjoy all the benefits of living within the Singapore Metropolis. This town centre is located within close proximity to Yishun EC. The project is designed to create a pedestrian-friendly environment to provide a more dynamic environment for residents. The project is also meant to improve the overall condition of Singtel’s Singapura Road store, which is located within close proximity to the project.

One of the most attractive places in Yishun City is the Yishun MRT Station which is near to Yishun EC location, which is located amidst the beautiful old streets. The Yishun MRT Station has all the facilities one would expect from a modern metropolitan station. The Yishun MRT Station has a connection to the city’s local bus service, which provides easy transport from the airport to Yishun and vice versa. The proximity to the airport and the convenient bus service make this a preferred location for those looking for quick and comfortable transport to the heart of the city. Yishun MRT Station is also very close to the Yishun Shopping Centre, which provides for an ideal place to shop for all your shopping needs.

Yishun EC residents can simply take the Dining at Yishun Town Centre or the Yishun MRT Station to get to their favourite dining spots. But Yishun residents also have access to a different public transport service – the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub. This transport service offers commuters a hassle-free way to travel between the Yishun MRT Station and the popular Singyang International Airport. The Yishun MRT Station is very close to the Yishun Shopping Centre, where there are many great retail shops. If you want to shop till you drop or need some last minute supplies, the shopping centres at Yishun are only a few stops away.

The Yishun Community Centre at Yishun EC is a multi-structure residential building with over forty rental apartments. It is conveniently located next to the Yishun MRT Station and the Singyang International Airport. It is also right next to the Yishun Community Centre, which makes it even easier to go from one place to the other. When you stay at the Yishun Community Centre, you have easy access to the Yishun MRT Station and the Singyang Airport. Even if you are staying overnight, you will still be easily accessible with the help of the shuttle bus.

The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub (ITC) is an integrated transport terminal linking Yishun EC Commercial Street, across to Yishun Residency Road, and Yishun Commercial Road, to the proposed Korat Industrial Park. The project, which started in November 2021, has been primarily funded by the City of Korat, as a tax-deductible income injection. The planned project involves the extension of Yishun MRT Station, upgrading the bus depot at Yishun Corner, and building a pedestrian and bus terminal at Yishun Corner. The planned improvements are aimed at easing traffic congestion in Korat and improving the accessibility to the Yishun Corner and Yishun Residency Road areas from both residential and commercial districts. In addition, a bus lane on Yishun Corner will also be introduced, connecting the Yishun MRT Station to the southern part of the commercial park area.

Yishun EC will be linked by high-speed rail bridges to the other parts of Singapore by the newly created Yishun Link Road. Connecting the mall to the Yishun Centre, the Link Road will link Yishun Avenue and Orchard Road. This will provide a convenient walking avenue for shoppers. The newly constructed Yishun Integrated Transport Hub will provide an easier access to the country’s national airport and connect the Yishun station to the nationwide bus terminal. Furthermore, the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub will allow passengers to use the high-speed trains that are now in service linking Yishun with other major cities in Singapore.

Northpoint City Shopping Centre is located in Northpoint, Singapore. It is one of the busiest malls in the whole of Singapore and boasts of about 400 shops and boutiques to browse through. There are also a lot of interesting activities and venues within the vicinity. If you happen to drop by this mall, you will notice the numerous food outlets, banks, movie theatres and many more. The proximity to the city centre as well as the MRT station make it an ideal shopping centre for tourists and residents of Northpoint.

Northpoint City Shopping Centre has been constructed in an innovative manner. The concept was to build a seven-storey building with retail shops, restaurants, lounge, and a food court on the top floors, and a movie theatre and dining facility on the second and third floors. The two open floors have recently undergone major remodelling. The first two floors had shops selling all kinds of goods from food items to electronics and clothes. On the third floor, the Yishun MRT station and the Sing Holdings real estate company have built a new MRT station and a sky rail linking the mall to the nearby Yishun International Airport and the downtown area.

The Northpoint City Shopping Centre is very close to the Yishun MRT Station and the upcoming Sing Holdings Real Estate developer, the Yishun Group, has also announced plans to build another extension to the mall. The extension is called the Shopping Centre at Yishun. The project is being planned and executed by the Yishun Group with the assistance of local and international construction companies. The project is expected to be completed in mid-2021. When completed, this project is expected to provide a continuous source of income for the existing mall, and generate much-needed employment to the residents of north point.

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