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code::XtremeApps:: 2011

Yet another successful year for ITSC's  code::XtremeApps:: competition.

The theme for this year’s competition is “Personalised Transportation” which saw more than 100 teams developing interesting and innovative applications which put infocomm to smart use that will improve our daily commute.

The code::XtremeApps:: comprises 2 categories

  • Junior for 12 years and under
  • Open for students , working professional and anyone who is interested in programming and building innovative applications

Open Category Competition

The code::XtremeApps:: Open Category Competition is held in conjunction with the National Infocomm Competition (NIC), and is a challenge under the Polytechnic/ITE cuircuit of the NIC. Participants in this category will be able to accumulate their points for the NIC and stand to win attractive prizes.

The platforms selected for this year’s competition are Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Phone 7 and HTML5. Competition participants had to build innovative and useful applications using at least one of the stated platforms and based on a given set of scenarios that was given out on the competition day.

The winners of this year's code::XtremeApps:: Open Category Competition are:

1st Prize

Team: Dino


Koh Kai Wei, Kok Kiat Han, Lee De Sheng Royson

2nd Prize

Team: Boomz


Adrian Cheng Bing Jie, Tan Wee Kiat, Edmund Phuang

Joint 3 Prize

Team: Road Trip Amigos


Martin Leong, Chia Teck Huat, Yeo Kwan Huat


Team:  Steelerz


Boo Wei Jie Jonathan, Tan Si Ru

National Infocomm Competition (NIC) Category

Winners of this year's NIC prizes are:

1st Prize

Team: Dino from Nanyang Polytechnic, School of IT


Koh Kai Wei, Kok Kiat Han, Lee De Sheng Royson

2nd Prize

Team: Personalize IT from Nanyang Polytechnic, School of IT


Yip Jun Hui, Chen YinZhi, Andrew Fong

3 Prize

Team: CodeInstincts, Temasek Polytechnic, School of Informatics & IT


Wong Kin Seng, Kim Arvin Galutera Evangelista, Low Kah Yuan

Special Prize by Kaazing Cooperation

The prize is given to the best team for developing an application using Kaazing WebSocket Gateway that has the highest potential to make a positive social impact.

The winner of this special prize is

Team: Personalise IT

Members:Yip Jun Hui, Chen YinZhi, Andrew Fong

Junior Category Competition

Participants of the Junior Category Competition were children of age 12 years and under. The participating teams had to create their own fun and creative stories, games or applications using Scratch software (http://scratch.mit.edu/)

The winners of this year's Junior Category Competition are:

1st Prize

Team: Rosyth 2


Lim Hui Qing Kristabel, Ang Kai Yan, Silas Yeo Shuen Yu

2nd Prize

Team: Appsmaster


Bradley Teo Wei Jie, Ng Wei Zheng Timothy

3rd Prize

Team: Letprechaun


Liu Cenru, Cen Jiahao

We congratulate all winners and merit award recipients for their spectacular applications.

We also thank all participants for their support and participation in our code::XtremeApps:: competition

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