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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSTC)


  1. To track the international standardization efforts in ITS;
  2. To adopt, in part or full, relevant ITS standards and good practices that would meet local demands and also help local companies that have participated actively in the standardisations process, to gain an advantage over others in term of system interoperability in the global economies;
  3. To encourage regular communications among local policy makers, industry, academia and consumers to establish a common ITS standards for Singapore;
  4. To promote more participations of ITS stakeholders in Singapore;
  5. To develop a common ITS standard for Singapore.
  6. To promote the awareness and adoption of ITS standards.


The Intelligent Transport System TC has the following main composition:

  1. TC Chairman - Mr Eddie Lim, NCS Pte Ltd
  2. Deputy TC Chairman – Mr Saurav Bhattacharyya, Viometrics Pte Ltd
  3. Deputy TC Chairman – Mr Chang Mook Choong, Land Transport Authority

International Standards Participation

An ‘Observer’ or ‘O’ member in ISO TC204 on Intelligent Transport Systems.

WGs under purview

  1. WG1: Architecture WG
  2. WG4: Automatic Vehicle and Equipment Identification
  3. WG5: Fee and Toll Collection
  4. WG10: Traveller Information Systems
  5. WG11: Route Guidance and Navigation Systems
  6. WG12: Wide area communications/protocols and Interface