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RAISE refers to Regional Asia Information Security Exchange, and is a Forum initiated by Mr Kang Meng Chow, the past Chairman of the Security & Privacy Standards Technical Committee. This initiative was mooted during Singapore's hosting of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 Plenary and its Working Group meetings in April 2004. An online forum has since been set up with participation from various countries like Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

The aims of this Forum are

  1. to provide a platform for sharing of knowledge and learning experiences in regional economies on security standards development, adoption and deployment;
  2. for the regional bodies to identify opportunities for regional collaborations to further the course of international security standards development and promulgation more effectively in the Asia region.


This Forum is currently co-chaired by Mr Koji Nakao of KDDI, Japan and Mr Kang Meng Chow of Singapore.

The name of the Forum was changed from RAISS to RAISE at the 6th meeting on 22 and 23 August in Singapore, where S for Standards is changed to E for Exchange. In general, members felt that there are a lot of exchanges and sharing during the meetings and the changes would better reflect the activities of the Forum.


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