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Current 8th Term Composition

Organisation Chart


Composition of ITSC

ITSC Chairman

Standards Council appoints the ITSC Chairman for a 3-year term. ITSC Chairman serves as a committee member of the Standards Council. The current chairman is Mr Yap Chee Yuen and deputy chairman is Ms Tham Ai Chyn.


ITSC Secretariat

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore serves as the Secretariat of ITSC.


ITSC Council Members

To ensure development of Singapore Standards takes into account the views of the relevant interest groups, committee members of ITSC are appointed. These members are representatives of the government agencies, IT industry and professional bodies, and research and educational Institutions.


The members for the 8th term of office are the following organisation representatitives:

  1. Chairman, Mr Yap Chee Yuen representing the Standards Council
  2. Deputy Chairman, Ms Tham Ai Chyn representing the Standards Council
  3. Mr Ang Yuit representing the Association of the Small and Medium Enterprises
  4. Mr Victor Tan representing Defence Science & Technology Agency
  5. Mr Ling Keok Tong representing the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
  6. Mr Steve Lee representing the Information Technology Management Association
  7. Dr Tham Jo Yew representing the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR
  8. Dr Derek Kiong representing the Institute of Systems Science
  9. Ms Loh Chuu Yi representing Nanyang Polytechnic
  10. Assoc Prof Chia Liang-Tien, Clement representing Nanyang Technological University
  11. Assoc Prof Chan Mun Choon representing National University of Singapore
  12. Dr Liew Beng Keat representing Republic Polytechnic
  13. Mr Stephen Lim representing the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  14. Mr Alphonsus Pang representing Singapore Computer Society
  15. Mr Foo Jong Tong representing Singapore infocomm Technology Federation
  16. Assoc Prof Benjamin Gan representing Singapore Management University
  17. Mr Karl Kwan representing Singapore Polytechnic
  18. Mr Cheong Tak Leong representing SPRING Singapore
  19. Mr Robert Chew, individual capacity
  20. Mr Abhesh Kumar, individual capacity
  21. Mr Harish Pillay individual capacity
  22. Mr Tam Kok Yan, individual capacity
  23. Mr Tan Bee Teck, individual capacity


Technical Committees (TCs)/Working Groups (WGs)

The set up of TCs/WGs mirrors with the structure of Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC1) of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) whenever possible. This is to provide a platform for Singapore's participation in the international standardisation effort and facilitate faster evaluation and adoption of the international standards as Singapore standards.

The TCs/WGs are formed as directed by the Chairman or at the request of one-third of the ITSC members in view of the national and industry needs and interest for standardisation.


List of TCs

The following are the current 8th term TCs:

  1. Automatic Data Capture TC - Mr Lim Yee (Chair), Mr Yap Chih Nam (Deputy Chair) and Mr Yannick Li (Secretary)
  2. Biometric TC - Dr Yau Wei Yun (Chair), Dr Terence Sim (Deputy Chair) and Mr Lim Lark (Secretary)
  3. Cards and Personal Identification TC - Mr Lin Yih (Chair), Mr Kelvin Lim (Secretary)
  4. Construction Industry IT Standards TC - Mr Edward D'Silva (Chair), Mr William Lau (Deputy Chair) and Ms Irene Tan (Secretary)
  5. eFinancial Services TC - Mr Andrew Kwek (Chair)
  6. Green IT TC - Mr Richard Tan (Chair), Mr Hemant Shah (Deputy Chair)
  7. IT Governance TC -  Mrs Tan Lay Ngan (Chair), Mr Alvin Ong (Deputy Chair), Mr Koh Chin Yong (Secretary)
  8. Intelligent Transport Systems TC – Mr Eddie Lim (Chair), Mr Chang Mook Choong (Deputy Chair), Mr Saurav Bhattacharyya (Deputy Chair)
  9. Health Informatics TC - Mr Cheong Yu Chye (Acting Chair), and Mr Victor Chai (Secretary)
  10. Learning Standards TC - Mr Lim Kin Chew (Chair)
  11. Multimedia Representation TC - Mr Lee Chak Joo (Chair)
  12. Security and Privacy Standards TC - Mr Chan Kin Chong (Chair) and Mr Ho Kee-Vin (Deputy Chair)